Nippondaira Hotel




Nestled near the heart of Japan, Nippondaira
Hotel has been overlooking the legendary
Mount Fuji since it first opened in 1964.
Combining breathtaking natural scenery
with world-class design, the hotel’s mission
is a harmonious co-existence with nature.
This is why, during a complete reconstruction
in 2012, Nippondaira Hotel selected Hitachi’s
Chiller and SET FREE Variable Refrigerant Flow
system for its air conditioning—a testament
to its dedication to the comfort of its guests
and the preservation of the environment.

Key outcomes
✓ World Class Rating — Nippondaira Hotel earned the top rating
‘S class’ in the Japanese Comprehensive Assessment System for
Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE) — extremely rare for a hotel(1).
✓ Maximized Sustainability — The hotel saved 21% more energy.
Additionally, guest comfort is increased, contributing to the
hotel’s overall economic sustainability.
✓ Uncompromised Comfort — In Nippondaira Hotel’s guestrooms,
an exceptional level of quietness (that meets the NC25(2) criterion)
is achieved while the air conditioning is turned on. This is as quiet
as a radio recording environment!

Issues to be addressed
Nippondaira Hotel’s underlying philosophy is based on being harmonious with nature.
Therefore, the objective of the building reconstruction was to reduce the hotel’s
environmental footprint, while maintaining a high level of comfort for hotel guests.
The new thermal comfort system was expected to deliver:
• The exclusive use of electric equipment,ensuring no fossil fuel is consumed,
heavily reducing CO2-eq direct emissions.
• An exceptionally high energy efficiency, reducing electricity consumption.
• Extremely quiet operation, allowing guests to contemplate the scenery in a
relaxing, tranquil hotel environment.
• Customized temperature control in every guest room, offering uncompromised
satisfaction for guests from various countries who feel comfortable in
different temperatures.

Key stakeholder requirements
The Chiller and SET FREE VRF system addressed all stakeholder requirements.
• The Hotel HVAC Manager — required SET FREE system to enable centralized monitoring,
for convenience and full control.
• The Building Architect — required a system that would comply with the state-of-the-art
environmental design of the hotel. A 180m long thermal trench was built around the
building, which used the ground’s natural temperature to sustainably cool or heat the
surrounding air. This air needed to be used in conjunction with the air conditioning system.

Our solution
A combined installation of the Hitachi Scroll Chiller and SET FREE was the right
solution for Nippondaira Hotel.
To bring air conditioning to the hotel’s public spaces 24/7, all-year long, two sets of Inverter
MATRIX chillers were installed. In particular, these were adapted to work in the hotel’s main
public space—a large single zone with a 10m high ceiling and impressive glass walls. Free
cooling technology is used to regulate the chiller operation, balancing its operation with
any other thermal sources, such as the air from the thermal trench.
For the 80 guest rooms and restaurants, SET FREE system provides:
• Energy Efficiency — Allowing for precise modulating based on ambient temperature
and the hotel’s occupancy level, reducing on-off cycles and unnecessary capacity.
• Heat Recovery — When one guestroom is cooled, excess heat is re-used to heat
another if a guest has selected heating in their room.
• Low Noise Levels in Guestrooms — To eliminate noise, the CH-Box and expansion
valves(3) were installed remotely. Indoor air inlets were placed as far as possible from
the guest beds and relaxation areas.
• Easy-to-use Controllers — To cater to the various languages of the hotel guests, the
simplified interface of the PC-ARH uses universal functions and displays both°C and °F.
• Centralized Monitoring — Central Station permits the Hotel HVAC manager to monitor
the system from their office. This allows the prevention of any overcooling or overheating,
and enables the manager to switch off air conditioning in vacant guestrooms when needed.


Nippondaira Hotel

Shizuoka, Japan

Construction of a high environmental
performance hotel building
(floor area: 6,153m2 / 7 storeys)

Date of installation

Total System Capacity 3,660kW


Outdoor Units
Heat Recovery type
Air source

Indoor Units
Guest Rooms
111 x Ducted
indoor units

9 x Stainless steel

Other Spaces
25 x Ceiling cassette


Central Station


• Scroll type
• 8 x 50HP
• 7 x 45HP