Hitachi brings VRF Set Free Mini technology to Malaysian shores

Today’s homeowners and businesses are increasingly seeking cooling solutions that are energy-efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly – especially when its frequently used in Malaysia’s warm tropical climate. Understanding this, Hitachi Malaysia recently unveiled their VRF Set Free mini, a compact ecosystem solution based on Hitachi’s award-winning VRF Set Free Sigma solution.

With property purchases – both in residential and commercial – predicted to rise from 2019 onwards, such a scalable solution is crucial in meeting the future demand of property owners. Once installed, property owners can link up to 18 indoor units using Hitachi’s proprietary H-Link communication system over time, and ventilate this entire cooling ecosystem from just a single outdoor unit alone.

This is possible thanks to the high External Static Pressure (ESP) of the solution’s outdoor units, which brings fresh air indoors at 30Pa. Both these features reduces the need for multiple outdoor intake units – a common eyesore for most property owners. In addition to that, the solution’s outdoor units also operate at a sustainable 5 Watts – down from 20 Watts from previous generations – leading to better cost-savings and energy efficiencies.

Even as the nation continues to build upwards, and experiences an increasingly warmer climate, a solution like VRF Set Free mini will yet prove to be a viable cooling solution for property owners with big dreams and unlimited ambitions.

by Hitachi Cooling & Heating
01 Jul 2019

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