SideSmart™ VRF

SideSmart™ is an exclusive solution, offering superb performance equaling large top-flow units, with slim modular units which can fit anywhere.

The world's first slim modular VRF!

Meet SideSmart™ VRF, our latest innovation in the Hitachi VRF family. Offering unprecedented flexibility and high efficiency, SideSmart™ VRF will delight HVAC professionals, while it delivers to end-users the comfort they deserve.

Hitachi's new innovation SideSmart™ VRF is specially designed to deliver various modular combinations with superior efficiency. Our SMART design delivers superior performance in terms of:-

a. Concept - modularity with great performance, delivering the highest level of Hitachi VRF efficiency

b. Design - flexible connectable slim side-flow modules which can be connected to combine their capacities

c. Configuration - can be installed on different floors for greater flexibilility capacities and options for indoor locations

d. Space Layout - save building space especially for builiding with limited rooftop space 

e. Investment - greater cost saving from fewer piping runs to simplified installation and energy-saving operation


Connect SideSmart™ VRF to airCloud Pro and monitor your system from anywhere.

With airCloud Pro, our exclusive new-generation solution, users can manage from one indoor unit to several systems remotely via IoT (web/smartphone). The airCloud Pro features are available for all VRF users where users can enjoy these benefits in a simple yet powerful apps at your fingertips. From your smartphone or web, manage your VRF systems in full simplicity. Operators can select zones and adjust AC
operation, or track systems errors remotely. airCloud Pro can accomodate an unlimited number of VRF systems and an unlimited number of users. Enjoy better energy savings, time and unnecessary transportation with this new innovation by Hitachi. 

At Hitachi Cooling & Heating, we like to think of innovating a HVAC solutions as creating harmony with your interior environment. When we achieve that wonderful balance, productivity, learning, happiness and health can thrive. We call this ‘Living Harmony’ and it’s at the forefront of everything we do. To create the air that makes life better. 

To know more about our SideSmart™ VRF solutions, read more here or connect with us via email at JCH-MY-SUPPORT@JCI-HITACHI.COM.